I Hit A Golf Shot Today…

After three weeks of swinging my weighted club, watching what I eat, and dreaming of Royal Dornoch, I hit a real golf shot today.

It was a  6-iron on the par- 3 fifth at Cassique on Kiawah Island, SC.  What makes it cool is, depending on the previous hole,  you either play a ball busting uphill par 3 or a downhill easy one shotter where most of the holes-in-one in the county are made.

Ours today was the more difficult of the two.  My shot wasn’t close…Mark E. Mark hit it a lot closer and made birdie…but my shot was as good as I’ve hit it in months.  The road is long but I think I can make it.

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2 Responses to I Hit A Golf Shot Today…

  1. Tadpole says:


    I think of Royal Dornoch often and our day there..here is the link for you to enjoy. Hopefully it will help you stay motivated to swing the weighed club more.


  2. Mark E Mark says:

    I witnessed it. Sounded crisp off the club. Trickled to the back of the green, but that’s not uncommon. Baby steps, my friend; baby steps.

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