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Masters Report, Part 2 of 2

My parents, George and Connie, are bit of a  shall we say, unusual story. George wasn’t a child of the depression, he was already an adult.  Born in 1904,   Theodore Roosevelt was to be reelected that fall after the assassination of William McKinley and would go on … Continue reading

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Masters Report Part 1 of 2

It was 1994 when Audrey and I moved to Atlanta.  We had each “served” 10 years or more in Chicago with the good and the bad.  The good being lifelong friends who we still laugh with, the bad being 5:00 … Continue reading

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On The Eve of Something Different…

About a year ago, plus or minus, my son Michael was born.  He came into the world in a not so usual way.  After several hours of labor he was on his way. Audrey  worked as hard as a looper … Continue reading

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