Christmas Letter 2010

Dear Friends,

I guess you’ve been wondering why you haven’t heard from us in a couple years at this joyous time of year.  Well suffice it to say the internet has arrived in all corners of the globe!  I’m afraid to say I am unable to give you my exact location due to a less than friendly government but it’s looking good for a full exoneration and pardon…Hallelujah indeed!

And now on to a  little update on The Halls.

Audrey had a peculiar year to say the least  tending bar in a small taberna along the Mexican border.  The way she tells it is both funny and exciting, a cross of Ian Fleming meets Rachel Ray.  You see while I have been “away” she of course has had a few things around the house needing repair.  Although mail is erratic in my current digs I do get copies of some rather large invoices from handymen.

One in particular, I was to find out months later, led to her interesting time south of the border.  I wasn’t even aware we had a fireplace but apparently it was crumbling and needed immediate repair.  Audrey, conscientious homeowner that she is, called a repairman right away.   It seems he ended up staying a few day while he finished his work and fell in love with Audrey’s famous Margaritas.

It turns out this gentleman, Juan I think, is also a partner in Las Chicas Blancas, a small family owned establishment along the Rio Grande and was in desperate need of a bartender.  Well Audrey just doesn’t know how to say no to a person in need so off she went…what a sweet and considerate wife I have…love ya hun.

Since both Mom and Dad were elsewhere most of the year the boys dealt with their “Home Alone” odyssey with typical responsibility and trustworthiness.  Granted they had to sell off most of our things including  the boat and cars to keep themselves in peanut butter but I thought it showed real substance of character to save the furniture for firewood.  There’s always time to finish High School after all.   Granted it’s a little barren around the old ranch but we’ll make due.

We are just so thankful to be together this Christmas another banner  year and hope this finds your family as happy and healthy as ours.

Merry Christmas!

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3 Responses to Christmas Letter 2010

  1. Mark E Mark says:

    Thank gods you’re all all right.

  2. Big Pine says:

    Glad to hear the Feds are easing the pressure. What a tremendous sacrifice you have made for American freedom. Merry Christmas to you, Feliz Navidad to Audrey, 圣诞快乐 (shèng dàn kuài lè) to Michael, and Joyeux Noël to David.

  3. Tadpole says:

    That explains all thoes tatoos! Merry Christmas.

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